Comfortable. Ergonomic. Luxury. Maybe even...eccentric. However you've dreamed of your home or workplace, Rovas Development meets your every need and desire. With the confidence and experience that comes with nearly half a century in the development business, and with an emphasis on detail, new building techniques and the personal care on each stage of the project, we will deliver the property exactly as requested, on time. We ''build'' lifetime relations with our customers.

Rovas Development is proactive in the purchase of land, development, construction and the sale of residential and commercial premises. Our goal is to design a space that satisfies your functional and aesthetic preferences, and as a result enhance the quality of your life.

We apply cutting-edge design and manufacturing techniques and innovative technology and materials. We create innovative functional and aesthetic solutions tailored to the needs and desires of our customers through our strong collaborations with leading architects, specialised civil engineers, creative interior designers and experienced contractors.

Rovas Development is also active in London, where experience has been transformed into active participation in a wide range of projects of various scales, that incorporate the latest trends and technologies into building construction.

Our History

It has been half a century since Dimitrios Rovas started the company and undertook the development and construction of detached houses and apartment buildings in Thessaloniki. In 2001 Konstantinos Rovas joined and since 2010  heads the general management of the company.

Rovas Development is traditionally known for its reliability, precision and creativity for every home or mixed use building it has built. At the same time, however, they have an eye on the future. They keep constantly up-to-date regarding all the latest technological developments in their field and continuously enrich their services as they travel with you to the world of modern building design and construction.